Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome to Citizen 2.ORG

We have all ready of Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0 Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Now it's time for Citizen 2.Org

This is where we go from wired  to swarms of connected cosmic citizen that are using this communications revolution (like CrisisCamps with #Haiti #equdor #gullspill #boulderfire and many other Random Hacks of Kindness) With this current 2010 Election cycle being the rise of the Cloud The Vote efforts. It if from this that we become what  the founders of the United States (((((((Early Cloud gov model)))))) wanted citizens to be now and then..  So now we know what we can do

What is Citizen 2.0.  It is someone that uses status updates for more then social reasons.  They want a street fixed, Shot it w/phone cam and upload it to Youtube.   Door not working for week at public library take a picture and Tweet it dont be passive be part of the communities online solutions. 

This is just one faucet of this citizens actions. they can help neighbors with lost dog pictures in social media they will find this is how they help themselves.   The entire world of Emergency Management has changed because of Social Media.   There are whole areas like #crisisdata where folks from every where are studying and then planning on how to respond to all hazards with the very things people do everyday.

This oneness connection also comes with the ability to find out where and what is happening any where in the world and that truly fosters us towards the  Cosmic Citizens that we are to become.  We are not alone and the rest of the world some of it digital is waiting for us to become the next stage of Citizen and it just seems like it would be as a............................................

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